Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Does the saturn sky and pontiac solictise handle like the new opel GT and what is the boot capacity in litres?

i know saturn is an amrican crap copy of opel and the pontiac is a copy of the opel with a slightly different design|||Saturn Sky and opel GT are almost exactly the same down to the trim. Pontiac Soltice and Soltice with the turbocharged motor. There are companys putting in the 6.0 liter LS-2 motor and Transmission. Do not buy this car if you want any BOOT CAPACITY! about 3 rugby or foot balls can be squeezed in the boot. And they are all the same UK built car.|||They do handle the same. They have the same chassis and about the same weight. I am not sure about the size of the boot in litres, but I kno you can fit 1 big suitcase.

Why was the Vauxhall brand dropped in Ireland and replaced by Opel?

The answer you're looking for is that Vauxhall are seen as a British/English car and due to previous 'differences of opinion' with the British some people in Ireland wanted no association with them however small.

Opel is seen as a European or German brand rather than British hence the re-badging excercise.

Sounds far fetched I know but it's absolutely true.|||Vauxhall was an independent manufacturer, named after the area of the same name in London in 1857 where they first set up before moving production to Luton in Bedfordshire in 1905.

In 1925, the company was purchased by GM of America to give it a foothold in the UK and ultimately Europe in order to compete with Ford.

Opel was GMs German subsidiary and in the early 80s they directed an "Opelisation" of the Vauxhall brand which saw many models simply copied or imported. This was to save costs of development. This was also replicated with the Holden brand in Australia and New Zealand.

The Vauxhall brand was dropped in Ireland (Eire) in 1982 and other countries such as Cyprus, Malta and New Zealand later in the same decade.

It is generally accepted that the brand is too strong in the UK for GM to get rid of it in favour of Opel though the different model names were gradually dropped in favour of mainly Opel model names e.g. Vectra replaced Cavalier with the exception of Astra which replaced the Opel Kadett.

so i would guess that Vauxhall werent doing as well in ireland thus they had the oppertunity to drop the name and go with the main brand Opel|||Vauxhall is an area of South London. The men at the gas works got bored and started building cars in their spare time. The company became a major British car manufacturer and they also sold cars in Ireland.

GM took them over in the 1920s and they were eventually merged with Opel, GM's European arm. The cars continued to be marketed as Vauxhall in the UK - even though they were rebadged Opels. In Ireland, there was no point or commercial benefit to be gained by rebadging the cars with the name of a defunct English marque.

What type of engine Opel Astra 200 have, Interference Engine" or "Non-interference Engine"?

it will be interferance they bend valves when the timming belt breaks

Does Opel Vectra have a remote control for music?

Just wondering if a remote control is included. (to operate it's own music player not 3rd party players)

A remote control that would change music stations and what not from the back seat.

If you could link me to some pictures that would be nice too.

This is the model im referring to: http://www.bratislavaguide.sk/upload/image/Opel%20Vectra.jpg|||yes. If you buy the music system separately.

Does anyone know if Trofeu ever produced an Opel Manta model?? If not, what is the next best thing?

My partner collects model cars and I know he is looking for the Opel Manta but I cannot find one under the Trofeu or Burago names (which are the manufacturers of the others he has?) Was one ever made and if so where can I buy one?|||jdmikediecast.blogspot.com

Where to support my Vauxhall/Opel Combo?

I need to work under my Combo to remove the sump. Do I put the axle stand anywhere along the axle or shall I place it elsewhere? Is the area next to the jacking point a strong point as well or is it just the jacking point itself?

Cheers.|||If you need to ask this question, it doesn't sound as though you are competent enough to be undertaking the task with any degree of safety.

Get a professional to do it!|||Only the jacking points, and I wouldn't rely on them too much either. Put the stands under the front suspension where they cannot slip off. Good for you to realise the need for stands etc.

Is the Opel Corsa a womens car?

I'm thinking of buying a car soon and I have had my eye on an Opel Corsa Comfort 03. Just wondering if its more of a womens car?|||its whatever you want it to be

I'm female have a corsa, and so do lots of females I know

But then again, mu husband and 2 sons have corsas too

Its just a very popular car, and driven by both males and females|||No, i know a few lads who drive comforts, however if you feel this way id recommend getting an sxi, slightly more manly|||if you like it buy it.